All About The Sublets

George Chase had been making music for years, but it wasn’t until he recruited Daniel Lee on bass and Stephen Nicholson on drums that his songs really started to take shape. The three of them clicked immediately, both musically and personally, and they soon began gigging around their hometown of Cleveland.

They quickly developed a devoted following among the city’s music lovers, thanks to their raw and powerful live performances.

George Chase is in the makings of musical history and created this new show about songwriting where each week a different talented participant will write and record a song from scratch with George within five hours on camera.

He is such a genius when it comes to music. Plus he’s entertaining, well-spoken, and humorous.  

The band’s first and second singles (“The Fallout” and “Finally Free”) were recently released and are now available to listen to on Spotify.

The singles capture the band’s urgent and infectious sound perfectly, and it’s clear that Chase, Lee, and Nicholson are just getting started. With their combination of talent, passion, and chemistry, there’s no telling what this trio will achieve in the years to come.

The band is currently on tour in support of their new singles, which have received rave reviews from critics. Their live shows are not to be missed. If you’re in the Cleveland, Akron, or Cincinnati area, be sure to catch their show. Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible band live!

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