Interview with Jamiroquai at Suwannee Hulaween

4AEFA1B3-0DA3-44BF-84E1-6BFD2A00D8E3This year’s Suwannee Hulaween had some amazing acts including headliners, Jamiroquai. I had the chance to sit down right before their set with them and chit chat about things. 

Cannabeats: Hey everyone! Alright, so if you guys could please introduce yourselves.
Derrick: Hi, I’m Derrick with Jamiroquai, drummer.
Paul: I’m Paul Turner, bass player.
Cannabeats: So starting off, what is your favorite festival or town you’ve ever played in?
Paul: This one!
Derrick: This one!
Paul: This one and this one! I can already say that I think this is one of the coolest festivals I’ve ever seen.
Cannabeats: Have you played any other festivals?
Paul: I’ve played Glastonbury and we’ve played Coachella which is totally different than here. We had a feeling from, I don’t know what sources, but we kind of heard that, that was kind of a cool festival. We were a bit deflated to say the least ‘cause it didn’t feel that way. It didn’t live up to the expectations that we kind of had. It was still fun we had a good time on the stage. Snoop Dogg joined us on the first night, that was great! So, it was great in many ways, but not like this. This is so cool.
Derrick: Yeah, not like this. It’s (Hulaween) very natural, very hippie.
Paul: There’s a lot of creativity and you know, you can just tell, it’s really nice and cool and everyone’s just doing their thing, and that’s just really nice. But we’ve played a lot of big cities, a lot of festivals that are kind of more like a big event thing like Rock in Rio. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a highlight, things like that.
Derrick: Yeah, it’s in Portugal.
Cannabeats: Yeah, I’m sure you guys have played quite a few festivals!
Derrick: Yeah, but this is very very cool. I got here at 2:00 and there’s always been something different to see.
Cannabeats: Have you guys checked out Spirit Lake yet?
Derrick: Yeah! I did the Silent Disco last night so I saw all the lights and the lasers.

Paul: I looked at the lake as well and saw all the art around it and it’s really fantastic. Everybody just seems so cool and just doing their thing.

Cannabeats: Yeah, everyone’s so cool — the vibes are so awesome.
Paul: Yeah, it’s really nice.
Cannabeats: Do you guys have anything exciting for tonight that you can tell us about?
Paul: So we start the first one off with yes and yes, and this ones gonna be no. *laughs*
Derrick: Maybe, maybe, maybe!

Paul: In all honesty, we generally don’t know what we’re doing until Jay arrives.
Cannabeats: Really? You just kind of go with it? That’s pretty cool.
Derrick: Yeah, yeah! It’s normally like maybe a half hour to 45 minutes—maybe an hour tops, before we actually go on. And then we know and put our brain into performance mode.
Paul: We know we have a two hour set and we know there’s going to be some tunes that we generally always include.

Derrick: Yeah.

Paul: But the others could be from, you know, a random selection.
Cannabeats: What about uh, your song from Napoleon Dynamite? I’ve seen a lot of Napoleon Dynamites walking around tonight.
Paul: Canned Heat?! I think that there’s a good chance that will be featured. Now we HAVE to do it.
Derrick: Let’s do it!
Paul: I saw a dinosaur in the art installations so we have to do Deeper Underground as well.
Cannabeats: What do you guys enjoy doing in your down time?

Derrick: Netflix.
Cannabeats: Same!

Paul: We all listen to a lot of music.

Derrick: Yeah, listen to music, Netflix, eating.

Cannabeats: Any specific show?
Paul: I just noticed that Making a Murderer 2 is coming up. I loved and I was blown away by the first one. The first series was incredible.
Derrick: Oh yeah, I’ve started to watch that actually.
Paul: I love Narcos. It’s the best.

Derrick: There’s lots of stuff on there.

Paul: Yeah, it’s very easy to kind of just blast through shows in a couple of hours, but I really enjoyed Narcos. It was really good, but I’m going to check out Making of a Murderer 2 because the first one was really disturbing. It sounds funny when I say “I want more of that,” but I kind of need to know what else happens. It’s ran with some sort of headline of you know,  “if you thought the first one was good this is going to be crazier”.
Cannabeats: Who has been your favorite artist that you’ve toured or collaborated with?
Derrick: Us.
Paul: I mean I was a fan of the band before I joined the band. I would say it is one of the bands that I’ve always enjoyed listening to and I love being involved for the years that I’ve been involved. I’ve enjoyed working with a lot of other artists over the years, but I mean I’ve been doing it for 13 years, Derrick’s been 24.
Derrick: 25 in January! 25 years! That’s too many. One of my highlights was doing preparation and working with Diana Ross. Yeah we did the upside-down thing. That was quite cool actually. We went to the studio to record it—that was the demo. It was quite nice and then working with her actually on stage was amazing.

Cannabeats: I bet she was an awesome person to work with!
Derrick: She was actually very cool! She was very cool!
Cannabeats: How did you guys kind of become Jamiroquai?
Derrick: Well, obviously it all started with Jay, and then Jay took on with Toby, and they kind of got the initial songs together to the first album. Then Jay decided he wanted a band so hence Nick and Stewart did the first album, and they toured the first album. After that when I joined, I joined through an audition because Nick left. The band has kind of changed over the years. We all had to do an audition to get into the actual band.
Paul: I think the main kind of thread has always been Jays kind of vision of what he wants the band to be. The players he’s always invited to join the band have kind of shared a like and a passion for that style that he’s found in his vision and that’s basically always included an element of dance. It’s clearly an old school funk connection, there’s also the disco thing, and also some progressive kind of dance, and EDM influences as well.
Derrick: I call it “disco funk”!
Paul: Jay’s definitely a performer who likes things to move with him rather than it be set. As he often says on stage “now you know why it’s called JAMiroquai.”
Cannabeats: It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for your time today! I can’t wait to see you guys perform.
Derrick and Paul : Thank you! You too!


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