Interview with Papadosio: Discussing Their New Album, Hulaween, and More!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with Sam Brouse from Papadosio. The band has had a lot of exciting things going on recently and we had the chance to hold an exclusive interview! So let’s begin..

Cannabeats: Hello! I just wanted to thank you for your time today. I have to say, I always love catching your set whether it is a show or music festival. The vibes are always amazing, and your music is so chill and easy to groove to.

Sam: Hey! Sam here (piano,guitar, vocals). We are happy you are enjoying the music. I’ll go ahead and credit the vibes at the shows to our fans. They are a super charismatic and really make the whole thing work.

Cannabeats: Do you prefer to play festivals or smaller shows?

Sam: It really depends on when you ask us. After a long tour we cant wait to play outside, and after a long summer, we cant wait to play inside. But, anymore every show is really special.

Cannabeats: Are you guys excited about Hulaween?

Sam: Yes! We haven’t been in a few years and Suwannee is such a beautiful place with a lot of great memories.  Hulaween is a very unique festival and they do a great job with the theme, so its always inspiring playing there. Last time we were the Muppets and it was super fun.

Cannabeats: Can we expect to hear some songs off your new album at the festival or do you guys plan on playing mostly old stuff?

Sam: We just started playing the new stuff this past weekend and we are having a lot of fun rearranging and figuring them out.  Its always fun when you have a fresh canvas to paint on and we plan to keep the shows a good mix of old and new because the new stuff inspires how we play the old stuff and vice versa. Its always evolving, which is fun.

Cannabeats: How do you feel you guys have progressed as musicians on the new album?

Sam: I think this album really tied together a lot of what we have been doing since the beginning and it comes across more clear. I think we just had confidence in ourselves to let the music flow out of us and not be concerned with making it too accessible to any one group. Luckily, it is translating better than we could have ever hoped.

Cannabeats: Are there any inspirations behind the new album?

Sam: Many many inspirations on the album. Yes, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Ween to name a few. We are all very intrigued by bands that are obsessed with tone and create worlds within their discography.

Cannabeats: How do you feel your music translates to your live audience vs. just listening to your album at home or in the car?

Sam: I think it is very different. Both are equally as important to us so I think both are necessary and I encourage people to listen to the studio stuff, because we put a lot into it. That being said I think both us and the fans discover things about the songs live that we would have never thought just in the studio or listening on speakers. The journey of a song through the years can be fascinating.

Cannabeats:  For the folks out there just now hearing about you guys, what genre would you consider your music? Who are some major influences?

Sam: Hard to say. We’ve been using progressive, but who knows. Major influences are Radiohead, Pink Floyd, NIN, Ween, Yes, Steely Dan, Pearl Jam, King Crimson, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.

Cannabeats: How long have you known each other? Where did you all meet?

Sam: We’ve known each other for about 14 years. Formed in Athens Ohio by Rob, Mike, Anthony and my brother Billy in 2006/07– I joined 4 years after that.

Cannabeats: Where did your most favorite live performance take place?

Sam: There have been too many to pick a favorite.

Cannabeats: What do you think you would be doing right now if you weren’t making music?

Sam: What I would be doing and what I would like to do are probably different. I’m interested in cooking, archaeology, puppies, basketball and yoga. So….I don’t know music has always been the one thing i could spend all my time on and not feel like I was wasting all my time.

Cannabeats: We are very excited to see you at this years Suwannee Hulaween next month! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

Sam: Thanks for reaching out! Stoked to be back at Hulaween, see you there!

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