REZZonating with the Community

REZZ PS TEST 3 By Murphy Fuller 


In four years you will be producing music under the Mau5trap label. Most would laugh at such a statement. For Isabelle Rezazadeh, this pipe dream is a reality. Her rise to popularity can be described only as meteoric. While her ascent to fame as REZZ has been propelled by the same artists she admired before delving into the industry she has already impacted greatly in a short time.

Four years ago the Persian-Ukrainian REZZ was living in Niagara Falls, Ontario and attending high school. Throughout her youth she was heavily interested in sports. Something most of us would see as common place. So what spurred the change in interest? Rezz began listening to electronic music in her teenage years citing influences from Deadmau5 to Skrillex. At this point it is doubtful she had any idea that she would later go on to produce music under the labels spawned by these exact artists. 

In 2013 nearing the end of her high school career, and working through a self-described party phase, Isabelle travelled from Canada to California on her trek of self-discovery. She notes the turning point in her career being a Deadmua5 performance. Though this was not the first time she had witnessed the electronic titan, from that point on she unequivocally threw herself into the industry. Sitting in her Ontario home she poured over a laptop loaded with Ableton 9 a friend had helped her procure for the purpose of amusement.REZZ EDIT 2 final

Seemingly breathing tutorial videos from the internet, she describes her learning process as 14 hours a day and a detachment from the social life that had initially introduced her to the music. Choosing to be a part of the industry and not simply enjoying the fruits of its labors she amassed a large library of material in a single year rivaling what many producers release in several. She utilized this large collection of music to build a following on Soundcloud through free releases helping set a precedent that many believe should be commonplace. 

Along with her now iconic, self-created goggles, Rezz pays homage to hypnotism through her undeniable ability to place the crowd in a trance-like state. This creates a very different dynamic from the traditional electronic scene through an oddly peaceful and relaxing experience where the listener can truly fade into the music.

The fan following she has created garnered the attention of Deadmau5 himself and led to her debut label release ‘Serenity’ in 2015. By this time her fans were already hailing her as “Girlsaffelstein” due to her ambience and atmospheric transitions. These factors quickly moved her into the position to release her follow up 3 track ‘Insurrection EP’ under the Skrillex founded NEST. 

Her sound continued to grow and become more refined in its expression as she went on to produce another EP under Mau5trap “The Silence is Deafening” in 2016. This release catapulted her even further forward up the billing list as she conquered festivals both in the US and overseas. From Mysteryland to Holy Ship!, and all the way to Tomorrowland, REZZ has not yet failed to impress with dark, grimy, industrial ambiance and simplistic, yet awe inspiring visuals.

Isabelle continues to REZZonate with the community as she powers through 2017 with insane performances at Buku, Ultra Miami, Bonnaroo and EDC Las Vegas. With more performances littering the rest of the year like Ultra Japan and Excision’s inaugural year of Lost Lands, REZZ continues to expand her brand of hypnotic suggestion reaching a staggering 100k followers on Facebook as of June 5thHaving released her first music video over the weekend for the track ‘Relax’, and her debut album Mass Manipulation releasing August 4th, she shows no signs of slowing down, and will most assuredly be a household name by 2018. 

Official ‘Relax’ Music Video : 

EDC Las Vegas Full Set:

Bonnaroo Full Set:

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