EF Weekend 1: Highlights as Told by You 

From dancing in the rain to cops with kandied sleeves, here are a few favorite moments of Weekend #1 of Electric Forest as told by festival goers.

Andria – 21 – Omaha, NE

Photo by Waderick Grossoferson

I overheard one of the cops getting really excited about trading kandy bracelets with a couple of forest fam. The cops had arms FULL of kandy. It was amazing to see the openness to different people. The law enforcement was on the same level as everyone this weekend and it almost brought me to tears. The forest was a place I could walk around with a smile on my face and get smiles from almost everyone I passed. But it wasn’t just a surface level smile. It was one of those heart swelling, soul warming, nerve calming sentiments that are so rare to receive in day to day life.

Mike “Dueces” – 39 – Goodland, IN

I was watching Trevor Hall in the Observatory. He was my must see act. He started singing “The Lime Tree” and it started raining… if you listen to that song, it speaks of rain clouds and letting the rain fall, when he was done singing that song, it stopped raining.. I thought that was pretty magical.

Mechan 9CheeseFriday

Dave – 22 – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always been a wanderer and have never been afraid to venture off alone. I have traveled the world and other festivals alone. However, Electric Forest made me realize that I didn’t want to be alone anymore and I wanted people to share memories with. On the last day, I mistakenly went to the forest stage and I asked these 2 people, Maya and Chance if Wave Racer was there. They told me he was at Tripolee. We chatted for a while and then I asked if I could rage with them and they gladly welcomed me with them. We ended up meeting the rest of their squad at Matoma and carried onto Ganja White Night, Snakehips, and Dillon Francis. I ended up losing them during Dillon Francis but I was extremely thankful for those few hours and those memories. This is a photo from my favorite set over the weekend, Snakehips.

Vickie – 25 – San Diego, CA

I really loved that Jacob Banks had a simple set in Jubilee with a smaller crowd. We were able to easily get up to the rail. Everything was live, he sounded amazing, and you could tell it all comes from his heart – that he really lives to perform. I would pay to see him alone in a heart beat. Also I couldn’t go a day without getting a slice or two or spicy pie!

Jordan – 24 – Sarnia, ON

I made a pinata totem on saturday and was giving out candy, fortune cookies, and Taco Bell hot sauce packets. My favourite things to do are pull pranks on people, tell jokes, and generally make people smile.

Lindsey – 27 – Denver, CO

I’ll always remember is dancing in the rain at Claude Von Stroke with my entire crew. He started playing “The Rain Break,” and it’s like he had the power to turn the rain on as hard as it could go. It was pouring the biggest raindrops I’d ever seen and this song about rain is blasting in the background. My friends had just gotten engaged at the set before that, so the love was definitely in the air. I’ve never seen so many happy smiles, it was truly a beautiful moment.

Kamilla – 32 – Phoenix, AZ

Our favorite moment of the weekend this year was during Friday’s String Cheese Incident set. Matisyahu, Liquid Stranger and SCI jamming together, nobody could just stand there! Here we are just before they started.

Ariel – 27 – Santa Cruz CA

I performed oracle tarot card readings all weekend. It meant so much to me to be able to share the magic of the forest with so many attendees. Seeing people cry with happiness, and express that we told them exactly what they needed to hear just filled me with love and gratitude

Amanda – 27 – Sterling Heights, MI


This absolutely touched me to tears. This is what I saw: the girl in the black I’m assuming is deaf and so is the man in the jean jacket. Their friend is signing what The Revivalists were singing. At one point the guy picks up what the lyrics are and starts to also jam out for the girl in the black. The feels were so strong I had to look away and cry because of how special it felt. They left my heart so full.

Donny – 41 – Troy, MI

I realized that I hadn’t thought about my troubles in a few days. I was totally lost in the sights, sounds, and amazing people surrounding me. Electric Forest is magical, powerful, and changes lives. It changed mine.

Meg – 26 – Buffalo, NY

It was nice introducing forest virgins to things that I felt are special and now it’s something special we share. I never really take any pictures because I’m too absorbed in the forest. But here is one I took.

Dave – 27- Livonia, MI

Thursday night I left camp to see Lotus as the rain stopped. After dancing awhile it started to rain again. I tried to put my poncho on for a good 2 minutes and eventually gave up. I was soaked and over it. At that point I spiked my poncho into the ground, put my arms up and screamed. Just then a girl runs up to me and hands me a Grateful Dead pin and said “this is for your troubles.” I was in shock I told her I loved her and gave her a hug. (And yes I took the poncho to the recycling bin after)

Melanie – 25 – Shelby Township, MI 

Electric forest is brilliant . It is so detailed and well put together even though it rained like you couldn’t imagine, the community that campers create is kind of amazing . The forest is a literal maze of fun things to discover.

Anonymous – 30 – Kansas City, MO

We met up with some friends at Sherwood Court and watched Big Wild together. This is where everything changed for us. This is when we decided to see where the evening took us. Upon leaving Sherwood Court and entering the forest to head back, I couldn’t even fathom the beauty I was seeing before my eyes. It all made sense to me in this moment. I understood why the mud and weather conditions did not bother anyone. I could see why it was so easy to make friends with strangers. It just all made sense. I don’t know how else to put it! As I look over at my boyfriend, it was clear that he felt the same way. The journey back to camp will be one that I will never forget. It was the most beautiful walk of my life. Saturday night, my boyfriend and I cuddled up into a hammock as we waited for our late night sets and I will never forget the moment he said to me “you know how I said this wasn’t our scene? Well, I take that back… this is my scene.” I was feeling the exact same way and agreed that this was home and we felt at peace!

Marissa – 24 – Sterling Heights MI 

Went to EF with my first love and found my second love…. Spicy pie pizza.

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